Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Call/SMS Widget

This is our first application posted at the Android Market.

The application has been designed as a one touch call/SMS widget and not both as a list because we want to keep the widget as simple as possible

The Application usage is as below
The Application installs 3 widgets which could be used for either for one touch call or one touch SMS.
You could choose either the call or the SMS field which you want to configure.
Once you configure the call or SMS, you could select the contact that you would like to add. 
You could identify the the 3 individual widgets with the widget numbering in the brackets.
When you update the contact information, the widgets updates itself with the new Information.
The widget automatically configures to the primary number present in the contact information, if not it would try to configure the secondary number in the contact information.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Welcome to Android Application Factory

Hello......  Welcome to one and all

This bog is a dream of two developers to contribute their ideas through Applications to the world. Our main motto is to develop simple applications which would be helpful in day to day usage. We are open to ideas to develop and publish applications that might be useful for one and all.

Please do send in your ideas without any hesitation to

We would be putting up applications in a few days time.  
See you then